7 Things I Wish I Had During Sorority Recruitment​

August 23, 2017

You’ll wish you had these things too during the week.

Recently I just went through sorority recruitment at the greatest school ever (aka The University of Kentucky) I have blisters on my feet and barred the rain, the heat and the tears with some of my now closest friends.

As each day went by and I was one step closer to finding my forever home I often found myself in situations throughout the long days where I would think to myself “wow I wish I had this or that”. So instead of you making the same mistakes I did, I put together a list of things that you could bring with you to make your rush week as easy as possible.


  1. A Fan- Because it’s too dang hot during the day and I want to not look like I just ran a 5k in a mini skirt with poodle looking hair from the humidity.

2. A speaker- So really this is just me being extra af and totally not necessary but sometimes during that week, I wouldn’t have minded a little Beyonce hype me up song on the way to a house that I was nervous about getting back. Like I said I’m extra as f***.

3. An Umbrella-  On the first day of open house it poured on us. We all were in gray t shirts and it was hot and humid and let me tell y’all I looked like I had just walked out of a damn hurricane by house number 5 of that day. It was rough, even with a rain jacket I was SOAKED, so don’t be like me and bring an umbrella, your hours of hard work on your hair and makeup will thank you later.

4. Blotting sheets- Going back to how damn hot it is outside, my makeup made my face look super oily from the heat and it just kept getting worse as the day progressed on. Save yourself from looking like you could cook french fries on your face and pick up some blotting pads to help yourself out.

5. Bandaids- If you’re like me you like looking cute over being practical, those cute wedges look super cute with your outfit right until you’re 4 houses down and your poor foot is covered in blisters. Ladies, bring some band-aids in your purse and save your poor feet.

6. Gum- Or some type of bad breath killer because personal space isn’t a thing during recruitment. These girls are literally four inches away from your face when they’re talking to you because of how loud it is. Bring some gum so you are remembered as the girl for whatever you want to be remembered for and not for the girl with bad breath.

7. An Open Mind- Coming into recruitment I already knew a lot of the girls from different chapters because I had grown up down the street from campus. I had my heart set on one house and I enjoyed the other houses but in the back of my mind, I knew that I wanted to be in THIS SORORITY.  And if I’m being honest I wasn’t really that open to giving other chapters a try.

Turns out what I thought I wanted really wasn’t meant for me all along and I wish I had, gone into recruitment with a different mindset because maybe If I had, I wouldn’t have ended up so disappointed when I wasn’t asked back to that house.

But as I have seen before with things in my life I ended up exactly where I was supposed to be all along and I found my forever home and incredible sisters to go a long with it. It’s cliche but so true, in the saying to “trust the process” and have a little faith because I promise you if you do you will end up exactly where you belong.



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