An Open and Honest Post About Being A Blogger

At first when I was brainstorming ideas on what to write about this week, I, of course, thought about the usual things like something fashion related or fall fashion related or something of that sort. But then I looked at my agenda and had a slight panic attack; I had 9 million different things to do this week and no time to do them how in the world was I going to fit in about four hours of my day to write, edit, take pictures and put up a clothing blog post in one day when I have SO much to do?

This is the realities of being a blogger. It’s HARD. Unless this is your full-time job and you have NO other obligations to attend to, trying to find time to do all of this is super difficult and can be overwhelming some days.

The reality of being a blogger or trying to become a big-time blogger is you have so many hopes and dreams and you just KNOW in your heart that you have the potential to get there. But with the everyday struggles of life, there are just some days you feel like those dreams and goals are just so out of your reach.

Today is one of those days for me.

People and even some of my friends often think that blogging is just sitting down for an hour and writing something that I think of off the top of my head and then smiling in front of a camera and then BAM! I have a new blog post ready. But in reality, what really happens is trying to find time in between working a part-time job, a full load of college classes, a sorority and I don’t know my own personal health (but who need’s that am I right?) to dedicate at least two hours into writing a post.

This does not include trying to find someone who is willing to spend an hour taking your picture and walking all over town trying to find “Instagramable” walls to pose in front of with you. And don’t get me started on the good hour you spend after that editing and getting them uploaded to your blog and Instagram.

Don’t get me wrong in no way am I complaining here… I mean technically I am but not in a bad way! I love what I do and there isn’t a day that goes by (even on my stressful days) that I’m not happy that I choose this path.  I’m more writing this because nobody really talks about the hard stuff and the reality of blogging.

So I want other bloggers to relate and be like “yeah I’m glad someone feels my pain”. I wouldn’t trade the time and effort or the hours I have spent trying to make something out of this blog but there are just some days when I just sit back and I’m like holy f*** this shit’s hard.

Anyways the struggle is real Y’all and I feel your pain 100% but I have faith in us bloggers that we will somehow all make it out alive on the other side but if not at least there’s wine and puppy videos to keep us grounded.




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