10 Cute & Affordable Websites To Buy Swimsuits ​From.

I know, I know this article is a little lately written but hey summer isn’t over yet here people. We still have some last minute sun bathing and pool side lounging to do before we head back to school, plus all swimsuits right now are probably discounted because fall is upon us. So in a way, this was a perfect time for this article to had been written.

Moving on though, 10 Cute & Affordable Websites To Buy Swimsuits From-

10. Zara- Zara always has the cutest clothes so no surprise that they would have cute swimwear as well. Swimsuits start out at about $30 online, which isn’t terrible for a swimsuit, it’s cheaper than say victoria secret swimsuits so go, Zara.

9. Target- I LOVE ME SOME TARSHAY (yes that is totally a way to say target.) Target has gotten pricier with their clothing and swimsuits as the years have gone by but not to the point where it’s unreasonable ya feel me? Plus right now most of target’s swimsuits are $15 & under!! Talk about deals ladies or gents.

8. Nasty Gal- The one and only Nasty Gal. I have never purchased a Nasty Gal swimsuit personally but I have a few friends who LOVE their swimsuits and have purchased many before so I’ll take their word and trust that they’re bomb af. Plus right now all of Nasty Gal’s website is 50% off!! So stock up now ladies!

7. Amazon- Y’all Amazon is so slept on let me tell you, you can find the CUTEST things on here and for 10x cheaper than what it would be anywhere else. I have purchased a swimsuit from Amazon for $10 before and it is one of my favorite ones I own! Plus free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

6. Forever 21- I don’t even have to go into much detail with this one, Forever 21 is a broke college girl best friend. They have the cutest and most affordable clothes ever, and even cuter and affordable swimsuits. Swimsuits start out at $10 and right now they have some for $3 because it’s the end of the season. Thank’s for always coming in handy Forever 21. Much love.

5. Shi In- Okay, I know it seems a little sketchy at first, I was a little sketch out the first time I ever ordered from them, but I’m so happy I went through with it! Not only does Shi In have the cheapest clothes ever, the quality of their clothes and swimsuits are so good! Swimsuits are about $10 right now! The only downfall I will say about Shi In is their shipping takes FOREVER, but who knows maybe it has gotten better since I last ordered?

4. TJ-Maxx- Y’all already know I have to talk about TJ-Maxx, this upon many other stores is MY store. I have a few swimsuits from TJ-Maxx and they’re such good quality swimsuits! Some of them are even designer brands that I purchased for less than $20! This store has such good steals and bargains.

3. Zaful- YOU GUYS STOP EVERYTHING YOU ARE DOING RIGHT NOW AND LISTEN TO ME!! Right now the majority of Zaful swimsuits are 55% off because it’s the end of the season! I just saw a swimsuit originally $54.13 that is now only $12.99! Plus all their swimsuits are so trendy and in style and they have such a wide variety of options to choose from you’ll be sure to find one that is just perfect for you.

2. Aerie- I have been a fan of Aerie for years now and have been swimsuit shopping with them for as long as I can remember. Aerie has always had such affordable options for girls and an even wider selection of swimsuits to choose from for every body type. The best part about Aerie is they’re always promoting “realness” & body confidence with women, so it’s such a good business to give your money to.

1. Cupshe- This place is an essential place to get your swimsuits from! I have been shopping here for years and Cupshe has always had such cute and comfortable swimsuits to choose from! Most of their swimsuits start out at about $13 and go up from there! Best deals ever.

Happy shopping.




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