12 fall essentials

With fall right around the corner from us, I wanted to share with y’all some of my fall favorites and maybe even some of yours as well! 

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|Mango flared sleeve sweater |Basic long sleeve knit sweater | Morphe 35O Palette |Ray-Ban Aviators |J. Crew Denim Jacket | Blanket Scarf | Brown floppy hat | Distressed Skinny jeans | Madden Girl booties |Tory Burch flats | Fossil Crossbody Bag | Pumpkin Cupcake candle |

There’s no denying fall is mostly everyone’s favorite season of the year! How could it not be? There’s so much to look forward too, pumpkin patches, apple cider, Halloween, my hair being able to not look like a poodle after being outside for 2 minutes, it really is the best season.

Usually when the air begins to get crisp and the leaves begin to fall my favorite go-to clothes are oversize sweaters. I LOVE oversize sweaters there is something about looking like I was swallowed by a marshmallow and being able to hide my chipotle food baby that really get me in the fall spirit ya know?  In all seriousness, they are the perfect go-to fall essential that can be paired with a cute pair of skinny jeans and a pair of cute booties that make the best fall outfit this season.

|Mango flared sleeve sweater | Basic long sleeve knit sweater |


If you know me or follow my Instagram  you know that makeup is one of my favorite things!! I have gotten pretty good or at least average at it thanks to bad acne back in my middle school days ( those were my prime days really). So, of course, I would have to have a fall makeup palette on my essential list. Morphe is known for having awesome and affordable makeup palette’s that are so pigmented and worth your money. 35O is the best fall palette they offer ranging from pretty reds to oranges and browns that give endless possibilities for creating the perfect fall look.

Shop it here – |Morphe 35O |


No matter what season it is, every girl should own a denim jean jacket. I have had mine for years now and I wear it weekly with so many different types of outfits. Jean jackets are just one of those staple clothing items that should be hanging in every girl’s closet, plus they’ll always be in style no matter what year or season it is.

|J.Crew Jean Jacket |

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Do you really have a fall wardrobe if you don’t own a floppy big hat? Probably not, that’s why it’s an essential on our list today.  Okay, so I’m gonna be honest with yall for a second here I don’t ACTUALLY own one (YET). I know someone sue me for blogging about it when I don’t own one but I definitely plan on adding it to my closet this season! Because like I said it really is a fall essential, I’m not sure why it is but when I think of fall I think of these dang hats so of course I’m gonna hop on this trend train. #NoShame

Brown floppy hat |


Ok, so I have a thing with sunglasses, but it’s a new thing because tbh I had one pair of sunglasses that I guarded with MY LIFE (they were ray bans and I’m poor so they were my babies ok?) until one day I lost them and I was forced to buy a new pair but that’s another story for another time.  ANYWAYS, 95% of my Instagram pictures I’m wearing sunglasses so does it really shock any of you that it would be on my essentials list? Probably not.

Shop my favorite pair! |Rayban Aviators |

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Personally, if I could pick to wear regular jeans or distressed jeans every day, I will always go with a cute distressed pair. Regardless if you are a distressed jean fan or not, distressed jeans make for the best fall outfits. My favorite thing to pair distressed jeans with is an oversized sweater or a plain cotton tee and a ball cap. I just love the way it ties together!

|Distressed Jeans |


Blanket scarves are the best!!! They’re fashionable and great for when you want to take a quick cat nap and totally acceptable to wear in public because no one will think you’re using it for that reason but little do they know..In all seriousness, blanket scarves are so cozy and warm and perfect for a cool fall day and can be dressed up or down in so many ways. 10/10 would recommend.

Blanket Scarf |


Short booties, tall booties, black booties or even brown booties everybody loves a little booty in their life. Fall time is the best time to break out your new groovy booties and pair them with your favorite knit sweater. Some of my favorite places to shop for boots in the fall is Charlotte Russe & of course my one true love of all  Target.

Click me to find some groovy booties |


No matter what season it is a classic brown bag should be hanging in every girl’s closet. This is such a staple and classic item that can go with any outfit!! I prefer a cross body brown bag over any other type of brown bag but hey you do you.

Brown Crossbody bag

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Ok, before I begin with our last shoe I know it’s going to seem like I’m all in favor of ONLY brown shoes here because well… I mostly am BUT this doesn’t mean I discriminate against any other shoe color I just think brown goes with more but moving on. The last type of shoe on our fall essentials list is a classic brown flat, it’s elegant and a timeless shoe piece (well as long as you take care of it) and pairs so perfectly with a dark pair of skinnies on a chilly fall night.

 | Brown Ballet Flats |


And lastly is it really fall if you don’t make your entire house smell like Bath & Body Works during the fall? No, it isn’t. My favorite smell is anything Autumn or leaves related or warm smelling, I like candles that make my room smell like a perfect, cool fall day.  Do yourself a favor and go ball out on a $25 candle from B&BW and thank me later.

Bath and Body Works Fall Candle |




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