My Go To Items For The Summer

In every girl’s closet, their certain items she simply cannot live without. It could be a pair of shoes or a bag she worked really hard to buy, but behind every great outfit, there is a great story to be told with it. As well as great staple items that help make or break that amazing outfit. These few items just happen to be my make or breaks that I add to my summer outfits. 



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One of my favorite and most necessary staple pieces in my closet. I love that I can put this with almost any outfit and it still looks great! Brown is such a simple but easy color to pair things with, that’s why it is one of my go to summer purses. Shop it here! -> Click Me!

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You can’t go wrong with a cute distressed pair of jeans for the summer. These ones from Old Navy are my go to jeans for chilly summer nights. From going out on a night on the town with my girls or to just staying home and reading a book on the back porch, these babies are my go to’s for the summer. Buy them here! -> Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me

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These strappy babies are my pride and precious!! I love to throw these on with a flowy summer dress or dress them up with a pair of shorts for a night out. I bought them from Altar’d State for only $30 bucks! They have the cutest tassels on them that tie up your ankle making you look so chic and trendy.  Unfourtanely, Altar’d State does not sell these bad boys online, but fear not you can shop these just as cute ones from Nordstrom right here! -> For Cute Shoes, Click Me!

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You can’t complete any summer look without having the right summer lip to go with it! These three lippies from MAC, ColourPop, and YSL are the perfect summer lippies to complete any outfit. I love wearing these colors with my outfits in the summer because I feel like it really ties everything together! You can buy these three colors here -> MAC Lipstick

Colourpop Lipstick

– YSL Lipstick

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What’s a summer essential list without a maxi dress? Maxi dresses are such a life saver for summer days, you can always dress up or dress down a maxi dress. Plus they always come in handy for last minute events or if you have a lady infection and need something to wear that also lets your hoo ha breathe at the same time. See told you maxi dresses are life savers. 😉 This one is from Old Navy but unfortunately Old Navy doesn’t sell this one anymore, but you can shop this one similar to it instead. -> Click Me!

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I feel like there’s so much debate on whether or not an Apple Watch is really worth the money or not and if it’s really as useful as some say it is. Personally, I love my Apple Watch and I use it every day. Apple Watches are great for someone who lives a busy lifestyle, they’re great for when you’re driving and can’t respond to someone or for when you are using GPS and don’t want to look down and become distracted from your phone. I love counting my steps as well with my watch to see how much exercise I am getting in for that day! So they serve multiple purposes but those are some of my favorite ones! It’s really a personal choice, but if you’re asking me I’d say go for it! Buy one here -> Click Me!

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My Journal is an absolute must for me to have really during any season, but especially in the summer time when I am not as busy as I usually would be during the school year. This is the place I write down my daily article ideas that come to mind or my thoughts and feelings when I am out and about. It’s light weight and super easy to slip into my purse or carry around with me everywhere I go! Buy something like it here. -> Pick Me!

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My last favorite summer essential is my favorite makeup palette of all time!! Modern Renaissance has the most pigmented and blendable summer colors and is worth every penny! I love that this palette has the most perfect summer colors to create multiple different looks, so you aren’t stuck with the same eyeshadow routine. It’s great for other seasons as well but the oranges, deep browns, and pinks in this palette are what make this the best summer palette ever! Buy it here! -> Modern Renaissance




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