To The Girls Who Feel Like They’ll Never Get The Person They Want.

In the past nineteen years of my life, I have come to realize that God or whatever higher being you believe in tends to always give you things you need rather than what you want and I’m gonna say this once and I’ll probably say it again- I AM SO FREAKING TIRED OF GETTING THINGS I NEED RATHER THAN WHAT I WANT.

I love God and the baby Jesus above, but for the love of all that is great above, I just want for things to go my way and for me to get what I want- more specifically, the person I want.

Sound familiar?

yeah, it sounds familiar, actually WAY too familiar for me. But, moving on.

I’ve been dating boys since I was 14 and truthfully, I’m over it. Do you ever just feel like everyone around you is getting what they want or the person they want and you’re just standing on the outside of it looking in just waiting for your turn at a shot of love?

Which I know, I know sounds stupid because we’re in college and the only thing it seems like college boys could actually have a love for is beer and sports, but I still have to have a little bit of hope to get me through the days okay?

I swear it feels like the actual good guys are hard to come across these days. It’s like searching for a freaking unicorn and sometimes when I think I have found an actual good guy, the universe proves wrong me once again. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that men ain’t shit ladies.

So, here’s my advice for you ladies or guys who feel like you will never get the person you want- if a guy (or girl) makes you feel like they are unattainable of being loved by you, then, love bug, that is not a guy you need in your life for the long run. At that very moment it sucks SO badly, I freaking know and I know that it is totally easier being said than done, but it’s so true and just like you, I struggle to know the difference between a guy who ACTUALLY wants to be with me vs. a guy who sometimes wants to be with me.

Hell, most of the guys I have met in college so far… no actually take that back ALL of the guys I have met in college so far have made me feel that way, but moving on.

So I get it but at the end of the day, we all deserve so much better and I know it sucks feeling like you can never get the person that you want so badly, but I have had to learn this the very hard way so many times before, that you would think I would know the difference (But I don’t so I guess we’re really thriving in the dating department over here).

Like I said, as much as we hate it sometimes, God gives us signs on what we need rather than what we want and if you have to fight for someone to want you back then that is your sign that from the universe or the baby Jesus above that, that is not the person for you.

You will find great love one day and you will find someone who wants you back as much as you want them and everything will be okay. I have to believe that because the world is full of love and hope and I know that because I see it every day. You just sometimes have to be patient and hopeful that the unexpected comes along one day and life will turn out to be what it was meant to be all along.

But until that day, we have wine and our friends to help us through it and truthfully they will treat us so much better than any guy ever could.





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