Top 10 Clothing Websites That Give College Students Discounts

If you’re anything like me you’re always on the look out for new and cute clothes right? But if you’re also anything like me you’re broke like 95% of the time. (thanks, Chipotle) But fear not my broke college friends, I have searched the web high and low for great savings and better deals for us broke fashionistas.

So without further to do, here are 10 websites that will give you a discount just for being a college student. Who knew it could pay to be broke?

10. Charlotte Russe – Because we all know to never wear shoes you like to a frat party because they will never be the same again after. So here ya go, save yourself 15% on those cute booties you have been eyeing for a while now and go get you a Chad from Sigma Apple Pie while wearing them.

9. Mixology-  Never shopped here personally but I’m always down to try new places, plus I’d be saving 15% so it’s a win, win.

8. Asos- AKA: The best place to find the most random but unique clothing ever. You only get 10% off but hey I guess it’s better than nothing right?

7. Urban Outfitters- One of my personal favorite places to shop, plus you get 10% off. Whoop, Whoop.

6. Princess Poly- Again, never shopped here before but it doesn’t hurt to try it out when I get 15% off while doing it.

5. Show Me Your Mumu- Ugh, so cute but so expensive, the struggle is real y’all. But maybe that extra 10% off may change your mind to just say “screw it, and buy the dress anyway.”

4. Express- MY  FREAKING STORE. The thing I love about Express is you can find clothes for a business meeting at 2 and then turn around and be able to find a dress that screams “I’m a classy hoe” at 6. Best part? Now you can do it without breaking the bank and still be able to afford shitty alcohol at the same time with 20% off. Woo hoo!

3. Boohoo- All I can say is my wallet won’t be crying after I get done ordering clothes from here. Just for being a student you get 55% off!! Holy crap dudes, that’s a lot off. But hey I’m not complaining.

2. Misguided- Another favorite. I love me some jeans from my girl Misguided and now I will be buying a lot more of them with my 40% discount I get now. Can I get a hell yeah?

1.  Tobi- I LOVE THIS STORE OMG. First, off I don’t even really think you need to be a student to get a discount here because literally every other day I get an email from them saying the whole website is 50% off but moving on. But just in case the ocean catches on fire and there isn’t a sale going on that day, you can always enjoy 30% off with your student discount.




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