your new favorite fall playlist for this season.

All the best songs from 2017 that puts you in a cozy, fall mood.


We are putting our sweaty t-shirt stain days behind us and pulling back out our sweaters and jeans because we can finally see the light again and welcome back our favorite season of all time FALL!!  

*Me walking into Starbucks when the weather drops below 75 degrees*

Now don’t get me wrong I love me some Luke Bryan or Dierks Bentley while I’m sunbathing on the lake or even just taking a drive with the window’s down on a hot summer day. But when fall comes’s around EVERYTHING changes, that’s right, you heard me I’m talking deep dark mellow indie music that makes you want to either date an “aspiring musician named Nate, who has a better Instagram layout then you do who’s trying to find his calling in music”. Or go bathe in a fall candle and refuse to leave the house until you come out smelling like the whole damn bath and body works store. There’s no in-between here people, but fear, not my little hopeless James Dean romantics ya girl has got you covered for this fall so you can go out and find your one true love that listens to Halsey and is the Manager at Urban Outfitters, “temporarily” *he says* until he hears “the music call his name” or whatever.





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