2017 Round Ups: The best makeup products of 2017.


Hey loves! I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a blog post, but I thought what better time to make a comeback and get back on my grind than with a new year starting! Don’t get me wrong 2017, brought some amazing people into my life and some even better experiences but I’m ready for a fresh start and a new year to go with it! There’s something about starting a brand new year that excites me because of all the possibility for new people and adventures that could come with it. But before I put away my 2017 memories, I wanted to share with y’all, some of my favorite makeup products and brands that were my go-to’s for 2017!

So without further to do…. *drum roll*

Let’s start with the face.

Starting off with primers, I used a lot of great primers in 2017, but what CHANGED my life this year was the Urban Decay’s Optical Illusion primer. My skin type is dry to normal, so when I first got into makeup, I wasn’t a huge primer girl, but as I got older and more experienced with makeup I realized that wearing a primer with your foundation can make a HUGE difference on how your foundation looks overall! So, I was super excited when I tried this primer out and I ended up loving it because of how smooth it feels and looks on my face, it also sits really well with my foundation and fills in pores evenly! $15 (travel size) $36 (regular size).

2017 was the year, I finally broke down and started paying for high-end foundation I didn’t try many foundations this year because I was hooked on Too Face’s “Born this way” foundation from the very start. Honestly, guys, this foundation does not get enough credit for how good it is I really like the way it finishes, it’s very Dewey and looks really hydrating on my face! Which is perfect for the winter because of how dry my skin gets but it’s also great to use in the summer for when you’re trying to get that summer dewy look! Plus it lasts a good 3-6 months, so it’s worth it the $39 tbh.

Buy them both here.




Concealer- Okay, I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I had a hard time picking my absolute favorite concealer for 2017 because the makeup industry has stepped up their game for drugstore and high-end concealer’s this year. Honestly, it was a hard choice between Tarte’s shape tape and NARS creamy concealer, but I ended up going with the NARS concealer for being my 2017 favorite but only for the reason because of how it dries and how it looks with a full face of makeup.

BUT, Tarte’s shape tape was definitely a close first, but I don’t like how thick the formula is and how heavy it looks on my skin but the coverage on both are flawless and great products. I just feel like Tarte’s shape tape is a better winter concealer, vs. the NARS one is a better summer one because of how lightweight it feels.

Bronzer & Contour – For bronzers and contouring products, I really got into cream contouring this year and found that the Maybelline “Master Contour” stick did wonders for my cheekbones this year! It’s super cheap, plus it doesn’t look muddy on your face or too orangey (if that’s even a word) on my face either. The formula is super easy to blend out and it doesn’t move around much when you’re blending it out, which is a huge plus for me because I hate cream contours that move around easily.

For powder bronzers, I tried A LOT of powder bronzers this year and I fell in love with so many, but the Physicians Formula “Butter Bronzer” is literally heaven you guys! For one, this stuff smells AMAZING and two I love the bronzer within itself because it’s the perfect shade of bronzer, or at least for me it is! My roommate has a paler complexion and even she loves it, so I really feel like this bronzer can be used by many different skin types, which is even more of a reason to love this product! Plus it’s not gonna break the bank!

Blush & Cream and Powder highlighters & Setting Powder:

Blush – Ok confession, I’m not a huge blush person and I’m gonna be real with y’all for a second, sometimes when I’m doing my makeup I’m not even sure if I’m putting it on correctly, but Tarte “Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush” is pretty bomb and worth mentioning. I used the shade “Captivating” in the summer and it gave me the perfect bronzy, peachy look that I was striving for and it lasts all day!

Setting Powder – So, I know I linked the Laura Mercier’s setting powder for y’all to shop, and don’t get me wrong that is a fantastic setting powder but the setting powder that made me fall in love in 2017 was the NYC translucent powder. (Side note – I feel like Kanye West when he interrupted my girl T-Swift during her award speech just now when talking about these two products) but moving on, the place where I link things for y’all to buy didn’t have this powder for me to link, but it’s literally $3 and you can buy it on Amazon. It doesn’t flash back in photos or leave lines in your foundation, the only downside to this powder is it can get messy and go everywhere if you aren’t careful, but don’t all good things come with a downside eventually?

Cream & Powder Highlighter – I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU GUYS! Agh, the makeup industry SLAYED in the highlighter department this year, and so many great companies have come out with such bomb highlighters so this was honestly such a hard decision and tbh I don’t think there was just ONE highlighter that was my year-round favorite. But if I had to pick one, for a cream highlighter I would definitely go with the “Benefit high beam”  cream highlighter, I like that it lasts all day and that I could wear it without a full face of makeup if I was trying to go for a more natural look. But the only downside to this product is that it dries extremely quickly so if you don’t blend it out quickly, it can be hard to work with but besides that, it works fabulously!

For a powder highlight- This was another tough decision because I was so torn between two highlighters, one of them being the “Mary Lou Manizer” highlighter by the Balm and Lorac’s “Light source” highlighter but I ended up going with the Balm highlighter for my 2017 favorite. But honestly, they’re both so similar to one another in every department so maybe these two will come out in a tie for me but both are the bomb and will have you glowing so bright, even the good lord will be able to see you.

Brows, Eyeshadow Palettes & Eyeliner –

Brows – I have never been a huge brow girl, I fill mine in and make them look cleaned up but besides that, it’s never been something that I truly got into or ever felt the need to pay $30 for a product on. I’m very simple when it comes to my eyebrows and I use the “Revlon” Color Stay brow pencil to fill mine in & like I said I’m not a huge brow girl so it seems to do the job but tbh that’s not my favorite makeup department but I definitely do care about my brows, if that makes sense?

Eyeshadow Palettes – AGH! My favorite type of makeup ever to talk about! Honestly, there are too many awesome palettes that came out in 2017 for me to just pick ONE. So three of my favorite makeup palettes from 2017 was the ABH “Modern Rennisance Palette, Jaclyn Hill’s new palette with Morphe & oddly, but to my satisfaction the Smashbox photo “mini” palette. I will always love ABH eyeshadows because of how pigmented they’re and how nicely they blend out, so this palette was everything I expected and more!

Morphe palettes are a hit or miss sometimes, but Jaclyn Hill’s collab palette with Morphe was definitely not a miss and had the most beautiful and pigmented colors for every season, which is something I LOVE with palettes. Fun fact, I don’t usually buy an eyeshadow palette unless I REALLY love the palette/brand or I can use most of the colors in the palette year round.

Now to my surprise, I ended up loving Smashbox’s mini photo palette, but I like the palette because it has a few great transitions shades that I like to incorporate with some of my eyeshadow looks or even with some of the shades on their own. I say that I like it to my surprise because I typically don’t buy a lot of Smashbox products and I actually received this palette as a gift, so I didn’t know what to expect from this, but after using this palette I really like the brand more and I definitely think I will adventure more into this brand come 2018.

Eyeliner – This isn’t even up for debate. Kat Von D’s “Tattoo Eyeliner” killed 2017. No questions asked. This liner is so easy to work with and control, and it doesn’t fade and it glides on so smoothly. Best eyeliner ever.

Lashes + Lipstick/Liner –

Another fun fact about me, I love fake eyelashes, they are pretty much always involved in my makeup routine. I’m very picky though when it comes to lashes, I don’t believe in paying $30 for a set of lashes but I also don’t believe in cheap quality lashes either. I found that the brands “Kiss” or “Ardell” have the best quality lashes, my go-to lashes are the “Natural” ones by Ardell, but if I have an event to go to, I’ll usually pick up a pair from Sephora’s line! My favorite glue for 2017 was the DUO lash glue, but recently I have tried “House Of Lashes” lash glue and it’s as good as the DUO glue, so I’ll most likely be making the switch over in 2018.

Lipstick + liners – So, for lipstick, I don’t have an absolute favorite lipstick for 2017, but I do have a favorite color and brand! So right now I’m really into pinks and berry color lipsticks because I feel like they compliment my hair color better (random and weird, I know but hey it’s true) and right now I’m really into NARS lipsticks or Urban Decays lipsticks + liners. I feel like both brands make such good quality and long lasting lippies, so you really can’t go wrong with these two but so does Milani or Maybelline so either one really works for a great lipstick or liner in my opinion.

 Some options to buy from!


Setting sprays – AND lastly, to end my favorite makeup products from 2017, my favorite setting spray(s) were easily Urban Decay’s “All Nighter” setting spray and Mac’s “Prep + Prime” because would I really be a makeup lover if I didn’t love this product? BUT, here’s the catch I don’t like to set my full face with Mac’s Prep + Prime because I like the way Mac’s Prep + prime feels on my face but in comparison to how well it works with keeping your makeup in place all night Urban Decay’s setting spray will always win. I will only use MAC’s setting spray when I’m setting my face makeup or before I even begin my makeup routine.




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