my cozy winter night time routine + self love advice.

Hey loves! Can you believe it’s already 2018? I blinked and the year went by so fast it’s honestly crazy! But what a year 2017 was for me, it was a year full of wonderful memories but I’m happy to say hello to 2018 and welcome it with arms wide open!  Today I’m super excited to share with y’all my cozy winter night time routine and some of my favorite self-love tips!  So a big goal for me for 2018 is to start going to bed earlier and to start waking up earlier as well! I’m such a night owl it’s honestly bad so I’m really trying to break my bad habit and get into a nightly routine to help me break it. So far it’s been going well with what I have been doing but for someone like myself I can easily get distracted and be put off track so fingers crossed I’ll stick with it!

But for now, I usually like to start off my night with a hot shower! Typically I try to not stay in the shower for too long because I know it’s really bad for your skin but when it’s cold outside I sometimes get carried away but hey it happens. I love night showers because I feel like they relax your body and get you ready to wind down for the night! I typically will let my hair air dry because I have naturally curly hair so I know it won’t look too terrible the next day, (plus it’s probably going in a pony with a ball cap anyways if I’m being honest) but If I know I have somewhere to be the next day or if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll blow dry my hair out with a round brush but typically I let it air dry. In the winter my skin gets SUPER dry, Y’all I seriously feel like a lizard when I hop out of the shower or just in general if I don’t moisturize my skin daily. So one of my favorite lotions that I use for my entire body that I’m really loving right now is the “Aveeno skin relief” lotion. This lotion is super hydrating for my skin and dries pretty quickly after I apply it and keeps my skin moisturized for about 24 hours after my shower which is super important for me because of how dry my skin gets in the winter. For my facial lotion, I use the “Clinique super rescue night time moisturizer” this lotion is great for people with dry combination skin types (aka my skin type) so I’m a huge fan of this product for winter. The lotion is fragrance-free plus it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily at all which is something I sometimes will find with some winter lotions but it does a really great job of hydrating my skin and leaving my skin feeling really smooth and glowy the next morning! For face wash, I don’t use anything too boujie or out there, (fun fact about me I used to have terrible skin back in middle school going into my early high school years). So I used to be all about the skin care products but ironically I found that the “Clean & Clear 3-in-1 foaming face wash” with salicylic acid did the trick for my skin along with getting on birth control! Who knew? But definitely, if you’re someone who struggles with acne issues, my best advice is to find a face wash with salicylic acid in it because I truly think that along with taking my birth control that, that helped my skin so much back when I was struggling with breakouts. Next, I’ll brush my teeth with my “crest teeth whitening” toothpaste and at least 3x times a week I’ll use their teeth whitening stripes to help whiten my teeth more & then I’ll set a timer for 30 minutes! In the meantime, while that is usually working it’s magic I’ll put on my favorite pair of sweatpants right now from Target and light a candle or do a face mask and try to catch up on some writing in my journal or read a book (I’m really loving #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso right now). I typically try to stay away from my phone or my laptop just because I found that I will get super distracted by Instagram or Youtube and before I know it, it’s 3am and I messed up my sleep schedule..again. So I usually try to do one of those few things to help me wind down for the night and get my body ready for the next day! In 2017 I really got into self-care and self-love techniques so I’m really trying to encourage others in 2018 to get into a routine of self-love and self-care ways! My biggest advice to myself and to my friends and to really anyone around me is how you love yourself is how you teach others to love you. Which I know, sounds so cliche but if you think about it, it’s so true. How you project yourself off to others is going to be the people you attract back to you, so love yourself the way you would want someone else to love you. And before you say, “well it would be easy for me to love myself if I had her boobs, or her face or body or etc.” you have to remember that nobody was built and shaped the same way, right? Here is the reality of life, there is always going to be someone out there who is prettier than you (sorry your mom lied to you, you aren’t the prettiest girl in the world). But you never know what some girl may be thinking about you. And just like the way you may envy some girl on Instagram because of her looks, there will always be another girl out there who will look at you and envy you the same way. So yes, you may not look like Karli Kloss but the way you carry yourself and know your worth is far more important & attractive than being the prettiest girl on Instagram.   Ya gotta goin’ on honey, now own it. Let me know what you do in your nightly routines & don’t be afraid to say hi in the comments! xo, el.


Author: ellianamarie

The new and improved Carrie Bradshaw in the making. (or so I'd like to think) I love pasta and my two cats: leo & fuzzybuckets and a glass of wine a day. xo

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  1. I love that Boscia mask, it’s so detoxifying and makes my pores feel so clean! Well said girl, I am so glad you are continuing to focus on self love and self care. It’s so important! A big part of my self-care routine is doing gratitute lists in my journal, do you do those?

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 & I write alot in my journal but not necessarily gratitude lists but I write in my journal whenever major things are happening in my life or I’m feeling really overwhelmed but I love that idea! I’ll have to try it sometime. 🙂

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