How to get the perfect blow out + sticking to 2018 resolutions

Hi, loves! I hope everyone’s new year has been off to a good start so far and you are following through with all your new year resolutions! Every year I always sit down and make a list of things I want to achieve or become better at for the new year. I pick apart my flaws and tell myself that I will be better at them than I was the previous year. Well, time will go by and before you know it, that list gets tucked away under responsibilities and the reality of life and I will often find myself back in the same position I was in the year before.

Sound familiar? I have always said that the best writing happens when you as a writer are completely vulnerable and honest with your readers. But sometimes it can be a struggle trying to find the balance of oversharing vs. under sharing. In 2018 I have challenged myself to stop making to-do lists of ways to perfect myself and to start having one goal and one goal only. It is to live my life as if it was my last year here on earth. No more guilt and no more holding back in life and I challenge you to start living life the same way.

Because here’s the thing. I have come to learn that if someone really wants’s something in life, there is nothing that can stand in their way of getting it. You can want to lose weight or start eating healthier and if you really want to start doing those things then hell yeah, go for it but if you don’t want it bad enough then stop making goals for yourself that you know you aren’t going to fulfill. Because you are only going to let yourself down and start making yourself feel bad when there is no reason too.

So in 2018 be fearless, create a life you want to live and stop making goals -just start living them.

Okay, so moving on to the entire point of this post- real life I’m gonna be honest with y’all, I suck when it comes to my hair, I usually throw it back in a pony or kind of let it do its own thing and maybe that is why I’m still the only single friend in my friend group (but moving on).

But I do have one thing I will always do with my hair if I’m going out that night or if I just want my hair to look put together. I love to give my hair a blow out with a nice curl finish and today I’m going to tell y’all how I do it! So without further to do this is my how to get the perfect blow out look.


So when I’m really trying to make somewhat of an effort with my hair that day, this look is usually my go-to (plus it makes for even better second-day hair, so it’s a win, win). I’ll usually shower and then apply some hair styling products into my hair to help with my hair’s volume and frizziness before I start blow drying.

Next, I’ll divide my hair into two sections and take the first section and clip it on top of my head and then I’ll leave the bottom layer down to blow dry. Usually, I run a brush through the bottom layer of my hair just one more time, just to make sure there are no knots or tangles because getting a round brush stuck in that is actually the WORSE.

I’ll take my blow dryer and use the highest heat and highest speed settings and begin to blow dry my hair, pointing my blow dryer down while I’m drying it. I know that sounds silly to be that specific, but I have no idea what age groups read my posts sometimes and all I know is 13 year old me would have benefited back then knowing that piece of information.

When my hair begins to get damp but not all the way dry, I take my Conair “quick blow dry” round brush and begin with small sections of my head. I take one section of my hair and start at the very top of that section and begin to roll my brush inwards and down towards my face, while blow drying my hair as I curl inwards. I’ll do this 2-3 times over again with that section of hair until it’s dry and I’m happy with it. I’ll do this for my entire bottom layer of my head and repeat again for my top layer, also when I’m blow drying my front pieces of my hair, I always make sure to round brush my hair to frame my face!

After that, I’ll flip my hair up and down a few times to give my hair more shape and body but then I’ll begin to curl it. I use the NuMe 1/4 inch curling wand to curl my hair, but for this, I don’t section my hair off because I don’t want my curls to look as neat, I want them to look more effortless and wavy rather than put together and precise.

I usually take larger pieces of my hair and begin in the middle of that section, I like to alternate which way I’m curling my hair because again I want my curls to look more natural. But I do make sure to curl the pieces of hair that frame my face away from my face because I have seen that it looks better! Maybe it’s different for others but this has always worked for me.

After I’m finished, I’ll flip my hair down to hairspray underneath my head and then I’ll spray my entire head as I style it with my fingers and then Voila! That’s how I achieve a perfect blow out and curls! It’s not Kate Upton’s hairdresser’s go-to look but it will do the job for the next 2 days and it will make you look like you just walked out of Drybar after your weekly blow out appointment. ( Ps: if Drybar ever comes across this post, I’d be totally down for a sponsorship to help me achieve this dream. Just kidding…sort of).



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