Monthly Round up – What I loved in January.

Hi loves! Happy (almost) February and holy crap how is it already almost February? I literally felt like we just started January, and it’s so crazy to me how fast time is going by. But on another note, I have two exciting things to share with y’all today! One of them being some of my favorite things that I started using this past month or that I really enjoyed and hopefully you guys will too! The second thing being that I’m starting something new here at Elliana Marie and that is that each month I’m going to be putting together a playlist of some of my favorite music and as the month goes on I will continue to add to it. Truthfully it’s nothing really significant or life changing but I have always been really into music and in a way, it really reflects what I’m going through that month or what kind of overall mood I’m in based off my songs choices. So idk, this is kind of my way of trying to feel more connected with the people who read my blog and feel more personal to you guys (if any of you truly care). So moving on here are my favorite products for the month of January.

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse – So by this time of the year I’m over being cold & pale but I don’t want to go to the tanning bed so this stuff is literally my ish and my go-to for a quick, natural looking tan! This self-tanner stays on for a few days and doesn’t make me look orange or unnatural looking which was a big fear of mine when I first started self-tanning.

North Face Jacket  – If you didn’t already know, I hate the cold so a warm winter jacket is a MUST for me and my all time favorite winter coat is my black jacket from North Face. I used to hate having to wear a winter coat because I hated that some jackets made me look like a freaking marshmallow wobbling around town but this jacket is not at all puffy or marshmallow looking and it provides enough warmth too so I’m not freezing. SO much love for you North Face.

Gap high rise leggings  – Okay, so if you don’t already own Gap leggings do yourself a favor and go buy yourself a pair because you guys these are so BOMB. For starters, I have always been an avid Lululemon lover since day 1 and honestly, no other leggings can compare but these leggings come very close to it! The material is very similar to Lulu leggings as well as the wear of them, & they hold their shape and elasticity after you wash them too which is a big reason why I fell in love with Lululemon leggings in the first place. All in all, if you want to spend $20 less than what you usually would at Lululemon, I’d buy a pair of leggings from the Gap. (I linked two of my favorite pairs from Gap in this post btw)

Aquaphor Chapstick – Y’all already know the struggle is REAL when it comes to dealing with chapped lips in the winter, so I literally swear by this stuff. Just trust me on this.

Lancome BB Cream – So not gonna lie I totally thought growing up that Lancome was an old lady makeup brand and I never took interest in it until my mom gave me this BB cream and y’all THANK GOD she did because I literally swear by this stuff now. Obviously, it’s a BB cream so you aren’t going to get full coverage with it, but this BB cream gives your skin a glowy and more brighten look to your face and for someone like myself who struggles with dry & patchy skin in the winter this stuff helps so much with that. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

Cable Knit Beanie – This one pretty much speaks for itself, (plus I ran out of ideas for favorites this month so here we are). It’s January and it’s cold, buy yourself a hat and stay warm pals.

Facial Lotion – Like I said, my face does not play around when it comes to how dry it gets in the winter, so finding a daily moisturizer that kept my skin looking hydrated but not oily was a must. This moisturizer is my favorite WINTER moisturizer, I think this lotion works better for me in the winter then it does in the summer because I feel like if I wore it with my makeup in the summer it would look way too oily on my face. But for now it gets the job done and for a drugstore moisturizer, I can’t complain.

Trim Tweezers – Okay, this one is random lol but I actually really do love these tweezers to put on false eyelashes with. There’s not much I can hype up and say about a pair of tweezers besides the fact that they work flawlessly when putting on fake eyelashes.

Forever 21 Jeans – Fun fact about me my first job was at Old Navy and employee’s received a 50% off discount at Gap, Old Navy, Athleta & Banana Republic (another fun fact, my paychecks would disappear in a week because of this) so moral of the story most of my jeans are from Old Navy or the Gap. So honestly, I never branched out and tried any other brands because I have so many pairs already from working at Old Navy, but your girl is about to be making the switch over to Forever 21 jeans because listen if you are a girl with no booty these jeans will make you look like you do. Personally, I would shop online for their jeans because A. trying to find ANYTHING in Forever 21 is a nightmare within itself and B. online has so many more options and better deals to pick from.

Black knee-high boots – Ok, so if we’re being real here I haven’t been able to wear my knee high boots as much as I have wanted to this past month, but I included them in my January favorites because I really do love them but I’m having a hard time putting together more everyday casual looking outfits with them. If you have any ideas, please let me know because I want to incorporate them more into my everyday outfits but unfortunately my lifestyle is not boujie enough for that. Btw the boots that I linked here aren’t the ones I own personally but these boots are practically the same ones I have from ALDO, just more affordable. Here is the link to the pair I own from ALDO .


What I’m listening to this month – Follow my playlist if you want to keep up with what I’m listening to throughout the month!




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