Three Different Outfits You Should Be Wearing This Valentine’s Day

Hi loves! Happy (almost) Valentine’s day!

It’s officially that time of the year again where single girls from all around gather together and bond over our singleness and ensure ourselves that we are TOTALLY okay with being single! Besides it’s 2018, women are totally rocking the whole “single girl” mojo right now anyway, right? At least this is what we tell ourselves to make this holiday a little less sad for those not receiving a dog, shaped heart full of chocolates this Wednesday. 

In the wise words of Miranda Hobb, “we whine when we have a boyfriend and we whine when we don’t” and it just so happens that this year (like a perfect attendance record I have yet to break) I will be spending another Valentine’s Day single but like I said, “TOTALLY” okay with it.  But if you do have someone special to spend this holiday with or your just gathering up your girls to see the new fifty shades movie, I put together three chic and flirty outfits that will ensure that you’re the best dressed in the room this Valentine’s Day.




Outfit #1- This outfit is more for my girls who are anti-pink or red or for people who simply don’t own much red or pink clothing (aka myself). Truthfully, this outfit doesn’t have much relation to the holiday itself, but it’s still super cute and chic looking so you can pull it off any day really. I paired my high waisted black jeans from Forever 21 with an over-sized white (kind of) turtleneck sweater from H&M and threw a cute and lightweight denim jacket from ASOS to pull this look together. Of course, I had to rock some sunnies with this outfit so I chose my 50MM Round Sunglasses from Rayban and threw my hair back in a messy bun to complete this chic everyday look.










Outfit #2 – The second look I put together is more for a nicer night out with your boo or even your girlfriends! Sadly, sometimes a store will no longer sell some clothes that I talk about or they simply just don’t have a link that I’m able to use so you guys can shop it but I did link and pick some options out that I think are super cute and girly for a night out that you guys might like instead! I know ALDO sells my boots that I’m wearing online and potentially in stores (but don’t quote me on that) but I don’t think J.Crew sells the dress I’m wearing anymore but I wanted to picture it anyways so you guys could have a general idea or maybe inspiration from my outfit. These are the one’s I’m wearing from ALDO. Click Me








#3- For my last outfit, I wanted to put together something that was simple but dressy enough for a Valentine’s day lunch or even breakfast I’m wearing my favorite jeans ever from Old Navy, and you guys I think I have talked about these jeans at least every other blog post I swear but they are just so cute and comfy it’s hard not too. I paired a fuzzy pink sweater from Forever 21 for my top and added my “go to” leather jacket also from Forever 21 for extra warmth and to tie the look together! Of course, my sunnies were incorprated into my outfit as well as a pair of Steve Madden block heals to help take this outfit from casual to more dressier.


I hope you guys enjoyed my three different outfits and you are able to find some inspiration from them! I also hope that everyone’s Valentine’s day is filled with love and happiness even if you don’t have a significant other to techinically “celebrate” with. Self love is the best love hunnies!!




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