Zaful summer look book: Women’s Day 2018

Hi, loves! I feel like it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written something on my blog, to say that life has been crazy would be an understatement. These past few months have been insane for me and I’m sure everyone has been in my position at some point in their life, so y’all can understand the struggle.

Fortunately, I’m finishing up my freshman year of college (which is CRAZY to me) and life will begin to slow down again. (and thank you, Jesus, for that)  and I can finally get back to posting more and I won’t be so MIA like I have been these past few months.

So now that we’ve recapped on where the heck I’ve been, I’m SO excited to share with y’all some things I have my eye on for this summer! Truthfully, summer clothes are the best clothes, and before someone says it, I’ll already go ahead and say it. Yes, fall is great for layers and cozy sweaters, but there is something about bright summer colors that bring me so much happiness, hence why summer is the best season for trying new outfits.

So today, I’m super excited to share with y’all my summer lookbook of some clothes that I will be purchasing or hope to purchase, in the near future from one of my favorite online stores, Zaful!

Some promo codes for my ladies (or guys too) – 

– Women’s day special

Swimsuits – 

So, of course, if we are talking about summer, I have to talk about swimsuits first and I wanted to give a wide selection of swimsuits to choose from and to talk about because not every, body type is the same. Zaful does an amazing job of giving a wide variety of swimsuits to choose from, hence why everyone is obsessed with buying their suits from here.



  • First swimsuit:  I love this suit because I feel like it’s great for my girls with bigger boobs! I’m a 32DD and I feel like this suit would give the perfect amount of support that I need to keep my girls in place while I’m lounging by the pool this summer. Plunge Midi Bikini Top And Bandage Bottoms
  • The second swimsuit: I love the details on this suit! The colors are so bright and vibrant on top of the white, that it drew me in immediately when I saw it online. Colorful Zigzag Smocked Bikini Set WHITE
  • The third swimsuit: Can you tell I like bandeau bikini’s yet? When I see this suit, my mind automatically thinks of a popsicle or the fourth of July, (I know so random but that’s what I think of when I see this hahaha.)  So I just think this suit just screams summer and I love it so much, the colors are fabulous and I love that it’s high waisted because I’m not gonna lie, the freshman is a real thing y’all. Striped Tube Top With High Cut Bikini Bottoms Stripe


Tops : 

  So, I’m so in love with this top because of the details, this top would be perfect for a hot summer day! The best part about this top is the back of it, y’all it’s open back and I’m actually living for it this summer. The sleeves look super flowy, which will be great for those hot, humid days and you could easily pair this top, with a pair of high waisted denim shorts.

Crochet Panel Bowknot Blouse  

 Second, on my wishlist is this super cute front tie polka dot top, polka dots are making a comeback this season and I’m all for it. I feel like this top would be better for my girls with smaller boobs but I have never been one to stop someone from wearing what they want. So if you have a rack on ya but you wanna work it, go for it girl! The top looks super flowy and lightweight which is perfect for summer, so I will definitely be purchasing this for this season!

Plunging Neck Polka Dot Tied Blouse

 Lastly on my tops wishlist, is this beautiful red front tie top, I originally loved this top because JoJo Fletcher posted a photo on Instagram wearing something similar to this top and I loved the way she paired it. So, ever since then I have been on the hunt for something like it and I think this top is my girl for it! If you couldn’t tell I love front tie tops, it’s such a 90’s trend but I’m all for it right now.

Cropped Low Cut Tiny Floral Top


 So, technically is this a dress? No, but it kinda falls into the same category so we are gonna go with it. I’m really into jumpsuits and sets like these this summer, I think they are so cute and stylish. I’m 5’7 so this would be awesome for my tall girls because you could totally use your height to your advantage and rock this. For my smaller girls, you could still totally rock this with a pair of heels or even get it hemmed and pair some cute sandals with it, the possibilities are endless.

 Stripes Cross over top and Wide Leg pant set

 I’m so freaking happy I found this dress you guys!! LuLu’s had something very similar to this dress and I was in love with it but they stopped selling it and my heart was broken, so when I found this my life was complete again. I mean does it even need an explanation? This dress is so perfect and I’m so excited to wear it this summer, hell I may even sleep in it, that’s how much I LOVE this dress.

Plunging Neck Printed Mini Dress

 Alrighty, so for my last dress on my wishlist I found this super summery belt dress, that I feel like would be perfect for summer! The orange’s and pinks are so cute for summer and this dress would be so easy to dress up for a nice dinner or even dress down for a casual lunch. ( P.S It’s already added to my cart.)

Belted Wrap Stripes Mini Dress



Well, ladies, this was fun and I hope you guys already have another tab open and you’re adding these things to your cart as we speak. Zaful is my go-to place for cute and affordable clothes for every season and I can’t wait to see what you guys buy from here! Let me know if you have any questions about sizes or anything! Happy shopping my loves!






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