How to be a Girlboss

So you want to be a girl boss? but you don’t know where to start. I get it, I was the same way when I decided to take the journey down the road to becoming a girl boss. Now, to answer your question there is no definitive way to start becoming a girl boss, you just get up one day and do it but there are some rules that come with it.

  1.  Being a girl boss is not just about becoming a CEO of a company or becoming a multi-millionaire, I mean yes, if that is what YOU want to strive for to become in your life then hell yeah girl, go for it! But not every woman strives for those things in life but she is still a girl boss.
    – Being a girl boss means more than rising into a position of power it’s about believing in yourself, and your strengths and your visions of who you want to become, and some girls don’t want to run million dollar companies, some women want to stay home and raise a family and that’s okay too. Just because some women don’t have the same life goals as you do, does not mean that they’re any less of a Girlboss then the women who wants to become a CEO. Every great girl boss had to come from a mother who raised her to become the Girlboss she is today. Remember that ladies.

2. GIRLS SUPPORT GIRLS, this phrase is highly overused but hardly ever really enforced, listen closely girl bosses, if you truly want to become a girl boss and take charge of your life you are going to need a few gals pals on your side to hype you up along the way.

Be nice to other girls, 9/10 times most girls aren’t total bitches, you’re going to occasionally come across that one girl that brings other girls down but brush her off and wish her the best because most likely that girl that you think “hates” you really doesn’t, she is just as shy as you are to start a conversation.
Support your friends and their dreams, compliment that girl in Target on her outfit even if she’s a total stranger to you, not everyone can just walk up to anyone and spark up a conversation and most girls want to talk to other girl’s they are just afraid too because deep down we all fear rejection.
Girlboss, gossiping about other girls or bringing other girls down is not a girl boss thing to do, there is so much judgment and negativity women have to face already in this world, don’t let our own kind be another thing to have to deal with. You aren’t going to like everyone in this world, and not everyone is going to like you but it’s important that you talk kindly about other women and wish them the best even if you don’t agree with them or particularly like them. I’m even guilty of this, trust me I have talked horribly about some girls before but I’m holding myself accountable for it and you should too. In the wise words of my mother “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”.
We are never going to rise and become better if we are putting each other down, we need to unite and support one another so the next generation of girls has something to look up too and aspire to be.



3. Being a girl boss/ feminist does not mean we have to hate men. Even though this article isn’t about feminism, I feel like being a girl boss and being a feminist kind of go hand and hand with each other, so we are going to talk about it. Let’s get this straight, being a feminist does not mean you have to swear off men and burn your bra to prove your point that your a god, damn, independent women.

  • Being a feminist means that you believe that men and women should receive equal pay and equal rights, it means that you believe that men should have the same amount of maternity leave as women do and so on. It does NOT mean that you have to hate all men and believe that they’re the source of all our issues, (though at times you may swear that they are, trust me we have all been there.) Girlboss, not all men are cruel and misogynistic and think that we should have no rights, I have plenty of guy friends who believe the same things that we believe in and support us too, be kind and support your male friends just as much as you support your female friends, not all of them are against us, in fact, most of them are probably with us.

4. Believe in yourself, it’s cliche but very true that if you don’t truly believe you can do something then you never actually will succeed in doing it. Have some passion, and do not give a single damn about what other people think about you or what you want to do because there will be people who will doubt you, and who will tell you that you can’t and even judge you because it’s not normal or like everyone else.

  • Do you think if Vera Wang listened to the people who doubted her that she would be the women she is today? UH NO, or what about Beyonce or Anna Wintour? No, no and no hunnay, listen I truly do believe that if you work hard, you stay motivated and you stay focused and you have enough drive within yourself, you will succeed. Now, I’m not saying that you won’t have failures because most likely you will fail more than once along the way to becoming what you want to be but instead of living in those failures, get back up and try again.
    – But do live in the moment of those failures, not for too long but take a day to be sad or disappointed because it’s okay to be upset that you didn’t get the job or the internship or the guy that you wanted but don’t stay there forever, but soak it in because that is life.  I say this because you will never be able to truly appreciate the good that is to come someday if you don’t appreciate the failures that you had to go through to get there.

Girlboss you WILL become the women that you are destined to become one day, you will do amazing things with your life, hold on to that hope and keep hustling honey, the world has so much to offer and luckily it’s big enough for you to find your place. Even if you don’t know your place in this world yet, you will find your “thing” that you are meant to do one day girl boss and until then find inspiration in your everyday life and with the people around you, eventually you’ll figure it out and when you do then work hard and follow the cardinal rules that I mentioned above. Like I said, there is no “end all, be all” way to being a Girlboss, all it takes to be a girl boss is to support other girls, believe in yourself and be kind to other humans, that’s it in my opinion, and if you do that then your set.

Good luck ladies, I can’t wait to see you shine.



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