The types of guys you’ll date in college

Hi guys! So I’m trying something different on my blog today, I’m going to start writing about stuff that’s more relatable to my age and less about fashion and lifestyle type of things. I will still write about those things, I’m just trying something new to see if you guys like it and to even see if I like it. So given by the title I decided to write about the types of guys that I have either personally dated so far in college or guys that you guys had sent into me that you have dated.

The frat star-

We all know this guy, he’s friends with all your sorority sisters and he seems to know just about every other sorority girl on campus too. This guy most likely serves as his fraternity social chair or new member coordinator and he can go on and on for days about what his brotherhood means to him. You’ll never see him miss a darty and you can typically find him DJing the party or behind the bar on a thirsty Thursday. You’ll probably date this type of guy a handful amount of times in college before you either lock one down or move on from frat guys.

  • “I once dated a guy in a fraternity who seemed to care more about his brotherhood than our relationship. If you consider brotherhood activities and their commitment to one another, such as drinking and smoking to be reasons why he couldn’t commit to me then yeah frat guys definitely don’t have time for a girlfriend since that seems to be all he cared about. ” -L


  • I personally love dating a frat guy, it’s nice to know all his brother’s and for them to know you and to hang out with all of them like your one of the bros. It’s fun to always have someone to hang out with or to know you’ll have a guaranteed date to their next date party. Yeah, it can get annoying, seeing girls coming up and talking to my boyfriend but that’s just because he’s a social guy and it’s not like I don’t have guy friends either. You really gotta just go with the flow if you are dating someone in a fraternity.” -M

The guy from tinder-

This guy is a guy you will date when you are at your lowest, you’ll most likely go on a date with him because your friend told you that she met a great guy on the app or its winter and you’re cold and lonely and your FWB has been acting weird lately so your options are getting low here. And if Kelly can find love on a dating app then hell you can too. You’ll convince yourself that not ALL college guys use this app just to hook up with girls and maybe this guy will be different from the rest. Flash forward to that Friday night, the date went “eh” as expected, you two are driving home and everything is going fine and just when you think your faith in dating apps has been restored your date looks at you and says “so wanna come back over to my place and uh watch a movie?” And there it is ladies and gentlemen the classic tinder guy move. So anyways, moral of the story don’t date someone from tinder unless your intentions are to get laid that night.

  • “I once was on a second date with a guy I had met on tinder and the date was going fine until his dog decided to throw up all over my shoes. Of course, I didn’t want to be rude and get upset over it so I offered to help clean up his floor (and my shoes). After we cleaned up his dog’s throw up, he grabbed his dog’s face and kissed her on the lips right after she had just vomited all over the place. I’m never dating another guy from tinder again.” -E


  • “I had a good experience with Tinder, I met my ex-boyfriend on Tinder and we dated for about a year until I had to transfer back home. The app isn’t all bad.” -L

The good guy friend-

Ugh, this is the guy they write country songs about, he’s perfect and sweet and kind and everything you want in a guy butttt you just can’t seem to bring yourself to like this guy. Maybe it’s the fact that he put himself in the friend zone by being way too emotionally available for you (god aren’t we our own problems?) Or maybe it’s the fact that we seem to only be attracted to guys that treat us like crap but for some reason you just aren’t attracted to this guy and it’s the worst because you want to be. You’ll convince yourself for a weekend that you guys could work out until you realize that no matter how hard you try you can’t fake a feeling that wasn’t even there to begin with *sigh*.


The good on paper guy –

This guy is very similar to the good guy friend except with this guy you didn’t start out as best friends but he eventually turns into the good guy friend but we’ll get there. This guy is the guy that logically makes sense for you to date, he’s attractive, smart, sweet and the kind of guy your parents would want you to bring home for Christmas break but you can’t. But why? maybe your plans for the future don’t line up with his or maybe you have some serious commitment issues that need to be dealt with if you want to be married by the time your 30, idk your story but this guy just isn’t for you. On paper, he seems like the perfect guy but in reality, he’s just not the guy for you.  *cue I wish I was by Maren Morris*

  • “I once knew this guy who seemed like the package deal to everyone else, he was cute and smart and funny and had incredible hair but he wanted to move back to his tiny small town in the middle of nowhere after college and I wanted to move to New York and work at a big company one day so our plans didn’t exactly line up. Everyone always gave me crap about not making things works with this guy, but can you blame me? Who in their right mind would want to live in the middle of nowhere and raise kids their entire life? That’s cool if that’s for you, but I could never see myself doing that. So that’s why he and I could never work no matter how good his hair was.” – O

The not looking for commitment guy- 

You will probably date this type of guy at least 20 times if not more because this type of guy is what makes up about 95% of our current dating pool. This guy isn’t necessarily a bad guy, he’s just someone who doesn’t want to “commit” to one girl right now, because he will say either 3 of these things, he’s either A. “busy with school” B. “Doesn’t have enough time in his schedule for a girlfriend right now” or C. His cat died or whatever. But what he actually means is he doesn’t want to commit to just you because he wants to have sex with as many people as he can before it’s too late. Sorry, but it’s true, now maybe if you hit him up in about 3 years when we’re all about to graduate then maybe he will commit but I doubt it. In life, you win some and you lose some ladies, take the loss and move on.

The stuck in high school guy-

This guy most likely still hangs out with his high school friends and most of his stories will consist of the phrase “yeah back in high school..” He’ll most likely show you his football highlights he has saved on his phone and tell you stories about his glory days as a quarterback in his small town of who the f*** knows where. Most likely this guy was really popular in high school and peaked after graduation. You will most likely date this guy during your freshman year of college or whenever you go home for break.

  • ” My ex-boyfriend was definitely a stuck in high school kind of guy, this man was 22 years old and was still hanging out with the same guys that he hung out with in high school. They still talking about their “crazy high school days” as if they didn’t graduate four years ago.” -L

 The stoner guy- 

Personally, this guy isn’t the worst guy to date but he isn’t the best either. This guy is the kind of guy who is really adventurous and free-spirited, you will think you are in love with him because you guys have such deep and meaningful conversations together. But that feeling will quickly go away when you realize that it’s 9am on a Tuesday and your free-spirited James dean is high as a kite and has no other life aspirations besides getting high that day. If only you could have the best of both worlds. *sigh*

The REALLY conservative guy – 

This guy is a die-hard, old row lovin, make America great again or go home kind of guy. He’ll most likely own a needlepoint belt and have a confederate flag hanging in his room and can tell you everything you need to know about any type of gun. He will most likely want to talk about politics with you and if you try to argue with him about his views well…good luck charlie. You will most likely date this guy for two weeks…tops. (depending on your taste in men)

Now get out there and go find your prince charming ladies!


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