Back To School- Full Face Makeup Routine​

When it comes to looking good when going to class I am not someone who is the greatest at that. I’m lucky if I even brush my hair that morning because tbh it’s 9 am and I could care less if John in the front row cares about how I look that morning.

But on the very few and rare occasions, I do put some effort into not looking like a homeless man I usually have a “go to” routine I always do to make myself look some what presentable for class that morning. It’s quick and easy and effortless if you ask me but it still makes you look like you tried..somewhat.

Starting out with the face-

Primer- When it’s 9 am and I just rolled out of bed all I know is I don’t look like sleeping beauty I more look like the beast and usually my face looks dead. So I like to prime my face with the NYX studio perfect primer it blurs out your face and fills in your pores and pairs flawlessly with any foundation. Plus it’s only $13 bucks!

Foundation- Milani conceal + perfect foundation is my go to foundation when I want something that is lightweight but just enough coverage to make it look like I actually made an attempt that morning. Plus they have tons of shades to choose from and an even better price of $10 for those who are ballin on a budget.

Concealer- Okay, so when it comes to concealers I tend to splurge and pay more money for them because I have TERRIBLE bags under my eyes from the little to no sleep I get in college. Tarte shape tape concealer is my ISH, this shit is so hydrating for your face and so full coverage and a little goes such a long way.

Face powder- I usually go with a translucent facial powder because honestly I don’t know my shade in drugstore makeup and I’m too lazy to go to Sephora or somewhere and find out what it is so this is just easier lol. NYC smooth skin loose facial powder is the bomb when it comes to translucent powders, it literally works just as well as the Laura Mercier translucent powder and I’m a makeup whore so I know how bomb that one is too.

Bronzer- Because you don’t want to look like Casper the ghost (or maybe you do, do you boo). My favorite bronzer of all time is the Hoola Matte Bronzer but if you aren’t boujie like that and don’t want to spend the money Physicians Formula butter bronzer works just as well. But in all honesty, the Hoola Matte Bronzer travel size is the exact same price (or very close to it) as the Physicians Formula bronzer and lasted me for almost a year so in my opinion, I would just buy the Hoola Bronzer and fall in love but hey you do you.

Blush- Wet n Wild Blush works just as well as a high end one, especially some of their newer ones like this one. I love their new blushes because of the texture and pigmentation of them, I wasn’t a fan for a few years but recently Wet n Wild is making a comeback in the drugstore makeup world and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Highlighter- If y’all have not heard about Coloupop highlighters than I’m not sure what you have been doing with your life because holy frick-a-doodles they’re the shit. Colourpop Highlighter In Lunch Money is the perfect summer going into fall highlighter, the texture is super creamy and super easy to blend out. Plus the pigmentation of Colourpop highlighters are so unreal you’ll be glowin for days hunnay.

Eyebrows- To be honest, I know there’s this big thing about having perfect brows and don’t get me wrong I want my brows to look just as on fleek as the next girl but I really never got into buying “high end” products for my brows. I just never got into my eyebrows at all that much, maybe I should start… but in the meantime Maybelline Brow Precise Micro Pencil does just as good as job as anything and I’m pretty satisfied.

Eyeshadow- When I’m going to class I’m not trying to go full out and dramatic on my eyes, so I try to shoot for a more natural eye look but also one that’s noticeable. So starting out I like to use two makeup palette’s to create this look, I use the Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Palette & the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Starting out I put the shade “heaven” from the Natural Matte palette all over my lid up to my brow.

Next, I take the shade “Honey Butter” also from the same palette and begin to work that into my crease.

After I take the shade “Puree” from the Sweet Peach palette and work that over the top of Honey Butter into the crease and continue to blend the two shades out using a blending brush.

Next, I take the shade “Summer Yum” from the Sweet Peach palette again and begin to work that into the outer v of my eye. Make sure when you’re doing this that you’re really blending out “Summer Yum” and blending your brush in circular motions.

Finally, I take “Honey Butter” again from the Natural Matte palette and apply that all over my bottom lid, and I finish the look with taking “Puree” from the Sweet Peach Palette and lining my lower lash line with a flat definer brush, making sure I connect the shadow to my outer lid.

Eyeliner- I usually take a brown eyeliner and line my upper lid line and leave the bottom lid line alone. I use NYX Slim Eye Pencil to line and usually get fabulous results.

Mascara- I use Better Than Sex Mascara  but tbh nobody should pay $23 for mascara and I was just feelin boujie that day when I bought it but moving on. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara works just as well if not better.

Lips- Finally I take my favorite chapstick Aquaphor Lip Repair and then layer it with an Urban Decay Lipstick in the shade “Naked”.

Setting Spray- I set my makeup with Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and voila! I’m ready to take on the day!



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