Hey, I’m Elli!

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I’d like to think of myself as an up and coming mix between Carrie Bradshaw and Bridget Jones but in reality, I’m becoming more of the girl with the two cats and bottle of wine on a Friday night…. oh wait.

Just your typical college girl trying to find her way in this big world. I know sounds cliche but bare with me. You see just like you, I have no idea what the f*** I’m doing 99.9% of the time so I started this blog for people just like me to have somewhere to go and have their questions answered. From how to handle life’s “wtf moments” to how to handle a bad breakup, this is what I’m here for, I want to write about things you’re too scared to say or ask yourself. This blog is mine but it is also yours at the same time, my stories and my thoughts are all in the palm of your hands.




Let me know what you think!

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