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Hi loves and happy sunday! I hope everyone has had a good weekend so far and you’re ready to take on this upcoming week! I rounded up my latest instagram outfit’s from this past week to share with y’all! Enjoy!



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Heads up: Unfortunately, Forever 21 and Altard State don’t sell my shoes or skirt anymore but I did link very similar things to both of them for you guys to shop from! So sorry.

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The Ultimate Budget-Friendly Summer Shoe Guide

Carrie Bradshaw once said, “Men I may not know, but shoes now that’s something I know” and I totally agree with her on that. I have had many failed relationships in my past but I never once had a pair of shoes let me down the way a man has before, well okay maybe once but that’s because they were $10 and you know what they say, you get what you pay for but that’s besides the point. There is just something about buying a new pair of shoes and rocking it with a new outfit that gives you a sense of confidence and feeling like you could take on anything (while looking good in your new pair of shoes I might add). So me being the fellow shoe lover that I am, put together a little summer shoe guide for you babes to explore so you can find your new favorite summer shoe without breaking the bank this summer.

Enjoy! –




Father’s Day Gift Guide

Hi babes! Father’s Day is upon us and if your dad is anything like mine you know he would settle for a nice card or a night in with the family, but you being the over-achiever that you are, want to get your dad something that will really show him how much you appreciate him. No worries, I totally understand and I’m just like you and because of that I put together some last minute gift ideas that are sure to make your dad feel all the love this father’s day and win you the favorite child award (your welcome.)



The Best Of the Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale 2018

Hi loves! Happy June and Happy Semi-Annual sale! If you didn’t know already, Victoria Secret started their Semi-Annual sale last week and you guys they have some great stuff this year! They have bra’s that are going for $14.99, beauty that is 50% off, and lingerie that is half of what it normally is, I’m talking about steller deals here. I have picked out some of my favorite things that are in the sale this year to share with you guys and if you haven’t shopped the sale already you will want too after seeing what I picked out. Let’s get into it-





Chantilly Lace Bralette – Super cute bralette, this would be perfect to pair with a tank top in the summer and with an oversized sweater in the winter!

Dream Angels Demi Bra– In general, Victoria Secret’s dream angel’s collection is fabulous but I personally own this bra and I can say this is one of the best bras I own! I love that it pushes my girls up and keeps them in place as well as gives my boobs the support they need, but this bra specifically is very similar to a push-up bra so if you’re looking for that look this would be a great bra to consider trying out.




Side Smoothing Push-up Plunge Bra– This bra has a great push-up look to it and it’s very comfortable to wear, it also has silicon and spandex like gripping in the band so that means everything will stay in place while you’re wearing it. The material is also very smooth and comfortable as well!

Very Sexy Lace & Mesh Balconet Bra Top– I love this bra, again I think this bra would be perfect to pair with sweaters or tanks! The bra itself is a light line and lifts your girls up, in general, the Very Sexy collection is made to give your breasts more of a push-up look!


Sexy Illusions Side Smoothing Strapless Bra – I also own this bra, this bra will be your new go-to strapless bra if you don’t already own it! The best part about this bra is the band is a smoothing band so it basically feels like you are wearing nothing and it also has silicon gripping which helps keeps everything in place! I can honestly say this is the best strapless bra I own and my girls stay in place when I wear it. (which is so important for me personally.)

Dream Angels Flounce Long Line Bra– So this is a first but I don’t actually own this bra but how cute is it anyways? Truthfully, I could lie to you but I don’t really know how you could wear this as an everyday bra but I think it’s more towards the idea of being a lingerie piece ya know?







Bombshell in Bloom Eau de Parfum – 

Xo Victoria Eau de Parfum – 

Angel Stories New York – 


Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stain – 

VS Signature Stripe Beauty Bag – 


Head to your nearest Victoria Secret now and grab these deals while you can.


Happy shopping babes.



Your Go-To Swimsuit Guide for Summer ’18

This type of article has been written so many times by so many bloggers and guess what? I’m just another one of those bloggers who is writing about it once again, but can you blame me? Every year we go out and search for the perfect swimsuit, it used to be that Victoria Secret was everyone’s go-to place for swimsuits and we would purchase our over-priced two pieces and call it a day. But ever since they discontinued their swim-line I feel like I’m almost at a lost because I don’t know where the heck to shop for swimsuits anymore. Truthfully, I’m still not an expert on it  but I have read enough Cosmopolitan articles and done my fair share of Pinterest browsing to have a pretty good idea of where to start, so I really suck at writing introductions so let’s just get into it shall we?


Target- I had too okay? Not going to lie Target has really stepped up their swimsuit game in the past few years but with that, they have also increased their prices. *sigh* I remember the days where you could get a $20 bikini from Target and walk away without worrying if you just spent your grocery money for that week, what a time to be alive.

ASOS- Never shopped here before, and probably never will anytime soon but ya never know? But regardless, I’m not going to lie they have some pretty cute swimwear and it’s not too overly expensive either. I can get behind this movement.

Aerie- You guys knew this one was coming, it’s like a universal place to buy swimsuits. Now, do I really want to purchase a $50 swimsuit? Not really, but will I be purchasing a $50 swimsuit I’ll probably wear like two times this summer? Duh…for the Instagram purposes, of course, a girl’s gotta do what a girl gotta do for her feed alright?


Forever 21 –


Boohoo- Alright, so again I have never purchased a swimsuit from here before so truthfully I can’t give you an honest opinion on what their suits are like but by what I have seen on their website they seem to have some pretty cute suits! Most of their swimsuits range from around $20-$50 depending on what you get, which isn’t terrible for a swimsuit ya know?


Pretty Little Thing –


Good luck babes.


Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale 2018

Hi babes! It’s like Christmas time all over again except better because it’s finally the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale!! Basically, all your favorite brands like Free People, Madewell, TopShop and more have discounted their items at more affordable prices and us shopaholics LOVE this ish. This sale is like the holy grail of sales to people who love clothes but hate spending $100 for a single top, I went ahead and put together some of Nordstrom’s best deals that are going on RIGHT NOW, LIKE AS WE SPEAK that include a wide variety of brands you love and prices you will love even more.

It’s a good thing I got paid this week. 😉

Happy Shopping loves,



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Your Ultimate Guide to Memorial Day Sales for 2018

Hello loves! Can you believe it? It’s almost summer time and I’m very excited for this summer, more specifically for this upcoming Memorial Day weekend! I’m so excited to be throwing on my new summer dresses and to finally lay out by the pool for this weekend’s festivities! I know everyone has barbeques or pool openings to attend this weekend, so I put together 21 different items to mix and match and style together for your Memorial Day weekend and some sales to online shop while you’re getting your tan on. Don’t forget your sunscreen and remember the true meaning of this holiday as we give thanks and remember those who have died and served our country and have made it possible for us to live our lives freely.
Happy shopping!
– The Gap is offering up to 50% off everything as well as an extra 20% off sale AND free shipping with the offer code “PARTY”.
– Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale begins tomorrow 5/23 and goes through 6/3! Most of Nordstrom’s items will be 40%-50% off, this includes brands from Free People to Madewell to Tory Burch, basically, you are getting designer labels for half of what you would originally pay for.
– Urban Outfitters is offering 30% off all sale items! This offer starts 5/27 and goes through 5/29 so keep your eyes out for this sale since it only lasts two days.
– JCPenny has a deal going on where you can take 25% off of a $100 purchase or more, or if you spend less than $100 you can take 20% off! This deal starts 5/24 and goes through 5/28!
– Macy’s is offering 20% off all your items during their Memorial Day Sale when you use the code MEMDAY. This deal is valid through 5/23-5/28!
– Old Navy is giving away 50% off all their tees, tanks, shorts and swim for the whole family as well as 30% off of dresses! No discount code needed.
– Forever 21 is not necessarily having a “Memorial Day” sale but they are offering great deals on shorts and dresses that start at $10!

18 last minute gift idea’s for Mother’s Day that are under $50

Hello Loves! Mother’s Day is upon us and if you’re anything like me I may or may have not forgotten that it was coming up so soon…whoops. But fear not, I have put together some last minute gift ideas for under $50 (with a few exceptions) so you can give your mom the gift she deserves without having to break your bank.



Zaful summer look book: Women’s Day 2018

Hi, loves! I feel like it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written something on my blog, to say that life has been crazy would be an understatement. These past few months have been insane for me and I’m sure everyone has been in my position at some point in their life, so y’all can understand the struggle. Continue reading “Zaful summer look book: Women’s Day 2018”

Three Different Outfits You Should Be Wearing This Valentine’s Day

Hi loves! Happy (almost) Valentine’s day!

It’s officially that time of the year again where single girls from all around gather together and bond over our singleness and ensure ourselves that we are TOTALLY okay with being single! Besides it’s 2018, women are totally rocking the whole “single girl” mojo right now anyway, right? At least this is what we tell ourselves to make this holiday a little less sad for those not receiving a dog, shaped heart full of chocolates this Wednesday.  Continue reading “Three Different Outfits You Should Be Wearing This Valentine’s Day”