17 things to do to help you de-stress during midterms

Hi babes! It’s officially midterm season and I’m not gonna lie I have been so stressed out lately preparing for my exams that I have forgotten to sit back and think about myself. So today I was brainstorming some things that I could do that weren’t expensive and would help me relax while I’m taking breaks in between studying and here is what I have come up with.

  1. Go workout. ( I know you think you have no time to study let alone go to the gym but last week I went to a 25-minute spin class and was out of the gym in less than an hour.  I felt good, plus it feels good to think you’re doing something good for your body.)
  2. Take a bath. ( Try using Epsom bath salts, the magnesium is absorbed through the skin to help replenish magnesium levels in the body. Which will leave you feeling calm and relaxed, plus Epsom bath salts are known for improving sleep and your concentration. )  Epsom Bath Salts.
  3. Do a face mask
  4. Journal. I’m a firm believer that writing is truly one of the most therapeutic things you could do for yourself, so why not jot down some thoughts on paper on how you’re feeling that day.
  5. Drink some coffee or tea to help you get remotivated. (Starbucks K-Cups are a gift from the baby Jesus himself. )
  6. Listen to music. Better yet, you can follow my study playlist to help you stay in your zone.
  7. Take a hot shower
  8. Call a friend
  9. Go for a drive and jam to music. (Kentucky backroads are seriously such a blessing.)
  10. Dance it out
  11. stay off social media for a day
  12. Find a dog or cat to love on
  13. Drink water (lots and lots of water)
  14. Take vitamins to boost your immune system. (C, D, fish oil.)
  15. Practice yoga (maybe even goat yoga?)
  16. Watch a motivating ted talk or listen to a podcast.
  17. go hug someone.

Good luck on your midterms babes!